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walead beshty fedex.jpg

1. A broken phone is inevitable and annoying. It also leads to a worrying lack of detail and clarity when it comes to the events of the past month. 

The benefits of a broken phone are few and far between, but the fractured glass screen is reminiscent of Walead Beshty's 'FedEx'. A conceptual project that takes advantage of the inevitability of things breaking, and particularly of glass's propensity to crack and splinter, Beshty uses the limitations of his chosen materials to his benefit. 


Shipping glass cubes of varying sizes to his gallery, Beshty presents the resulting damage, inviting us to inspect the the cracks and chips that create the work. Unlike traditional sculpture - still, solid and final - Beshty's sculpture reveals itself through a process of movement, interactivity and chance. 

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