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The host of Studio Fenice's podcast series, Rosanna interviews designers, artists and architects about their creative process, discussing their influences and preferences, motivations and methodologies. 


Describing their work in their own words, each guest brings their work to life through dialogue, adding another dimension to our understanding and fostering a deeper appreciation for design.

Architecture as a Muse: The Photography of Alex Lesage

Bronze Age: Charles Haupt on Bronze Casting and Anodized Aluminium

Rebeca Cors on Art, Design and Utility

Colección Estudio on the Value of Craft

Johannes Hemann: Working at the Intersection of Art, Design and Science

Ayres: Karim Molina on Embracing Idiosyncrasy in Design

Bettina Kiehnle of Studio IMA on Intuition and Humanity in Design

Casa Wabi: Presenting Art and Architecture to New Audiences in Oaxaca, Mexico

Contrasting Textures and Traditional Craftsmanship in the Work of Thomas Trad

Siete Studio on Creating Meaningful Design

César Béjar: The Architect and The Photographer

Designer Jeffrey Forrest of STACKLAB on Designing Systems

Graphic Expressions and Organic Matter in the work of Diego Hernández Beauroyre

Umberto Bellardi Ricci: Finding Inspiration in the Materials and Monoliths of NYC

Contradictions at Play: The work of Dylan Farrell

Square in Circle: The Influence of Bauhaus, Geometry and Dance

Milan Pekar on the Alchemy and Chemistry of Ceramics

Jan Garncarek on Modernising the Methods and Materials of the Past

Purity of Concept and Artistic Integrity in the work of Joel Escalona

VeniceM : Between Antiquity and Modernity

Scott Richler of Gabriel Scott on the Aesthetics and Engineering of Design

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