1. frank walter, ugo rondinone, gees bend

2. restaurants reopen and im not as fussy as i thought id be. 

3. kew: shift your focus away from the steamy botanical greenhouses and towards a far more English garden. The blossom had bloomed, jagged-edged tulips were abundant, and we walked around a lake that I'm pretty sure I had never spotted on previous trips - too distracted was I with the tropical species. Capability Brown - I listened to How to Change the world with a horticulturalist who was discussing the 'whiteness' of the gardening world. 

new house/that guy's prints

prince philips dress sense

h&m home

intimations, zadie smith

whiskey's age is just a marketing ploy

rory is 6 - long legs, long hair and a love of unicorns

this month feels like preparation for when we are really let out

Ava the dog

promising young woman - a rom-com gone rotten, saccarine visual with a darker but not violent undertone - until the men get involved again. 

Watch : Blow the man down as a counter to its MTV visuals.